A notice has been attached to the door of The Jade Jug in Ashenport:

ATTENTION! Redgar Chag, huntsmaster, has reported an overpopulation of local wildlife due to excessive culling of predator species, including the hated dire wolves.  To cull these populations before they cause irreparable harm to the local flora he has organized a GREAT HUNT to take place TWO DAYS HENCE.  As incentive, the hunter who returns with the most pelts will receive compensation, to be announced the day of the hunt.  ALL ABLE HUNTERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND!

This notice is approved by signature and the seal of the Ashenport Hunters Guild.

The slanted signature and Gryphon-head seal of Redar Chag in red ink is visible on the bottom of the notice.

(Thazull will be holding a Hunting event on Monday evening at 8 PM EST – The rewards will be worth your attendance!  This event is for players of all levels!  Contact an Immortal for further information.)

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