September and October have been busy months, but mainly behind the scenes. We are happy to announce a new prestige class, ‘Eldritch Knight’ and the introduction of our fast travel, carriages, system.

Eldritch knights are a fun class that combines melee combat and spell casting. One of their most powerful abilities is the spell critical. When an eldritch knight of sufficient level scores a critical hit in melee combat, they can then cast any spell in their repertoire instantly! Eldritch knights also gain warrior bonus feats at certain levels, and each eldritch knight level will increase your arcane spell level as well, in determining how many spell slots you have and what your maximum spell level is.

Our new fast-travel carriage system is live as well, as an abbreviated version of what’s to come. Currently there are a number of carriage stops on our main continent, where the bulk of our main quest line quests are located. For a nominal cost in gold, one and one’s party can jump on a carriage and reach their destination a short time later. Currently this system works alongside our ‘teleporter’, which is a device all players get that allows them to teleport to any zone. However, not far down the road, the teleporter will be removed, and we’ll add the rest of the carriage stops, and connect some more of our existing areas to the wilderness map.

As mentioned, we have a lot cooking right now behind the scenes. As a little teaser, we’ll say that the carriage system is going to be greatly expanded, both combat and non-combat, random encounters will be added to the wilderness, and a new hunt system will be added, where small parties can team up to defeat strong ‘boss-type’ mobs in the wilderness, and receive hunt trophies that can be turned in to enhance weapons, armour and trinkets (rings,neck-pieces and bracers). We expect these to be live in the next 2-3 weeks, and we’ll post again when they are!

In the meantime, here’s the entire change log:

[Sep 15 2020] – Gicker
Added a carriage transportation system. Rooms where carriages can be taken from are marked in the room description. Currently only a small number of zones are listed. More to come.
[Sep 13 2020] – Pathos
Typo in quest 111302 fixed
Fixed typo in elder wizard description.
[Sep 11 2020] – Pathos
Slippery Mind helpfile edited and typo fixed
[Sep 11 2020] – Gicker
Fixed a bug that prevented sorcerers and bards from unselecting a spell chosen in the levelup process. They still cannot undo choices from previous levels, except through a respec.
[Sep 07 2020] – Pathos
Edited helpfiles for daylight and darkness spells
[Sep 03 2020] – Gicker
Fixed a bug where eldritch knight levels were not properly applying when checking for warrior levels as class level prerequisite for certain feats.
Added the Eldritch Knight prestige class. HELP ELDRITCHKNIGHT
[Sep 03 2020] – Pathos
Fixed typo for Everska portal sign
[Sep 03 2020] – Gicker
changed enchant weapon spell to enchant item spell. Will now enchant armor as well. Minimum level added to enchanted items. hitroll/damroll mods on weapons removed and replaced with enhancement bonus.
[Sep 02 2020] – Pathos
Ambidexterity helpfile removed, obsolete
Dual wield helpfile updated
[Aug 31 2020] – Pathos
Typo in mithril shield description fixed
[Aug 27 2020] – Pathos
2 item descriptions corrected, burgundy word
Lay on hands helpfile corrected
[Aug 26 2020] – Gicker
Non-spellcaster class imms should now be able to cast any spell.
Shop purchases can never be less than 1 gold now, preventing a bug where characters with high charisma and appraise skills can purchase things for negative gold, effectively awarding them unlimited gold for purchasing items at certain shops.
Fixed a bug where raging could result in adding far more hp than intended.
[Aug 25 2020] – Pathos
Mail helpfile command fixed
Bank helpfile corrected for Luminari
Smite evil helpfile duration corrected.
[Aug 24 2020] – Pathos
Mission helpfile corrected
[Aug 23 2020] – Pathos
Room 125900 description typo fixed

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