This has been a very busy and exciting month for the game. It has seen a new advanced race, migration to a new/updated server, and the addition of a number of new staff members as well. Great times lie ahead!

Visit this link to view the overview of the new Advanced Race – Duergar.

Here is the complete list of changes made this past month:

[Aug 22 2020] – Pathos
Fixed issue with a serpent’s tongue not showing in equipment
[Aug 22 2020] – Zusuk
paladin spell modifier is now charisma instead of wisdom
[Aug 21 2020] – Pathos
Helpfile for extractlist command added
Discard command incorporated into the blank, etc. helpfile
added helpfile for rp/roleplay command
Smite evil helpfile prereq changed.
[Aug 19 2020] – Zusuk
updated hcontrol help file for staff
[Aug 17 2020] – Pathos
Room 13253 description typos fixed
[Aug 16 2020] – Pathos
Room 40619 typo description fixed
Reglist helpfile typo fixed
Room 31602 typo description fixed
Room 11853 typo description fixed
[Aug 15 2020] – Gicker
Added a resetpassword command for Forgers only.
[Aug 15 2020] – Zusuk
Pathos has been promoted to Senior Staff!
[Aug 14 2020] – Gicker
Staff should now be able to cast any spell.
Added a hand wraps option for the flaming weapon choices in graven hollow
Items that can be worn on hands, with an enchantment bonus of 1+ (Item V0) can now proc weapon special abilities. Mainly to be used for monk hand wraps.
Added the following flaming weapons to the forge quest in graven hollow: axe, mace, spear, direflail
[Aug 14 2020] – Zusuk
Congratulations Xyphos for joining the staff!
[Aug 12 2020] – Zusuk
Congratulations Minkahmet for joining the staff!
[Aug 09 2020] – Zusuk
Congratulations Nauk for joining the staff!
[Aug 02 2020] – Pathos
Typo in room 10370 description fixed
Mob description in room 10304 fixed.
Typo fixed in room 3981 description
Typo fixed in room 3935 description
Typo fixed in room 3942 description
Typo fixed in quest words spoken by Fenton
Fixed typo for a cave troll assassin
[Jul 26 2020] – Zusuk
Server has been upgraded. 18gb ram, 90gb ssd, 6TB bandwidth, 4 vCPU 3.3GHz, thanks Opie!
[Jul 25 2020] – Zusuk
newsfile was too big, had to chop it up…
moved news file into a backup
new helpfile: staff ran events
new advanced race: duergar
new helpfile: race-duergar
new feat: paralysis resist
new feat: phantasm resist
new feat: spell like ability: enlarge
new feat: spell like ability: strengthnew feat: spell like ability: invisibility
new feat: affinity – spot
new feat: affinity – listen
new feat: affinity – move silent
new feat: strong spell hardiness
[Jul 24 2020] – Pathos
Broken items/gear being worked on to fix what you see with the Lore command.
[Jul 20 2020] – Pathos
Corrected school showing in Power Word Kill helpfile.
[Jul 18 2020] – Pathos
Obj #103893 “A fixed device” item-type changed/fixed.
[Jul 17 2020] – Pathos
Obj #24707 typo fixed.
Windlord’s Rest description typo fixed.
[Jul 15 2020] – Pathos
Fixed the ‘eyes’ object in dollhouse quest to account for Trelux.
[Jul 14 2020] – Pathos
Room name, A large mound, fixed
[Jul 11 2020] – Zusuk
you can now gate to prime material plane from the abyssal vortex
hive of passion – you can now teleport off of it with gate
creating a gate to the prime material plane from a single room in avenrus -does- work
true sight now lets you see invisible objects
[Jul 06 2020] – Zusuk
fixed short name for alerion
[Jul 05 2020] – Zusuk
fixed a broken boss battle on avernus
arraka slightly upgraded
gave a key to a certain mob to open a certain hidden gate πŸ˜›
fixed some loads in avernus
made the prisoner’s room accessible πŸ˜›
fixed up the stats of the hellfire earring so it uses the proper type
fixed the reward for the outer planes quest
[Jul 03 2020] – Pathos
Area of Effect helpfile typo fixed

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