We have been quiet for a while, staff was highly busy with other real-life nonsense! Despite that, a lot has been going on ‘under the hood’ in regards to organizing our internal development systems and developing a backstory for future quest lines. We are happy to also announce some code/world improvements we have been able to deliver in this long winter.

Major changes include:

Image used with permission from Sandara: https://www.deviantart.com/sandara/art/Bear-72460243
Image used with permission from Sandara: https://www.deviantart.com/sandara/art/Bear-72460243

  • Lots of little bug fixes (news in-game to see the list)
  • New WalkTo System – the ability to speedwalk via command in a specificed zone – currently available in Ashenport
  • Some new utility staff commands and fixes
  • New command ‘armorinfo <target>’
  • Updates to the Map
  • New premade kit – Psionicist
  • A plethora of new hints!
  • A list of new spells/feats were added to the game
  • A list of new quests added to the game
  • A list of new zones attached to the game
  • Updated the Worldmap to reflect the locations of new zones
  • New Epic Race – Lich (please see post here about it)

Complete list of changes:

[Feb 17 2022] – Zusuk
fixed slight bug with lichfear (it was spammable)
fixed slight bug with lichtouch (it was spammable)
worldmap page now also links to the planes map
https://luminarimud.com/planes-of-existence/ – updated this link with more details
added a link from our worldmap link https://luminarimud.com/new-revised-worldmap
-eat-your-heart-out/ that links to outter planes page
added a link from our worldmap link https://luminarimud.com/new-revised-worldmap
-eat-your-heart-out/ that links to underdark page
updaded the worldmap
https://luminarimud.com/lore/the-underworld/ – added underdark map to this page
[Feb 16 2022] – English
Added Wand of Magic Missile load to Mosswood to help low level casters
[Feb 15 2022] – Zusuk
added info text on bottom of armorlist command
added info text on bottom of weaponlist command
added armorinfo to the armor-rating helpfile
added ‘see also’ for armorlist command
added ‘see also’ for weaponlist command
armorinfo added to interpreter (coded but wasn’t a command)
added old weaponlist and armorlist as weaponlist2 and armorlist2 just to run some
triggerers i use 🙂
if you are duergar – respec will give you a few bonus feats related to skills
rewrote race/class feat advancement system
minor tweak in do_advance, gain_exp_regardless – you can no longer advance past
level 30
[Feb 14 2022] – Gicker
Made a fix for premade psionicist builds not applying at level 1.
Added the missing condemn command for blackguard spell prep.
[Feb 13 2022] – Zusuk
featset command added
fix attempt for shifter – wildshape iv didn’t get assigned for a player
new hint: missions
slight upgrade to mission awards: it now drops random magic items based on
difficulty and your level
[Feb 12 2022] – Zusuk
attempted fix for hold animal spell
attempted fix for greater magic fang
attempted fix for magic fang
gicker fixed a crash bug with clans
new zone attached: skull gorge (end game)
new zone attached: south wood (end game)
new zone attached: aumvor’s castle (end game)
new zone attached: dragonspear castle (end game)
new zone attached: temple of twisted flesh (end game)
new zone attached: dragon cult fortress (end game)
slight modification to stat bonuses for lich
new hint: lich
new hint: hunts
new hint: encounters
new hint: survey
new hint: carriage
new helpfile: carriage
fixed some weird naming schemes in the hlq code to help clarify things
fixed displacement vs blur bug – you will get the higher bonus now
[Feb 08 2022] – Zusuk
gicker resolved an issue with DR saving in pfiles
added “ADDER” value for set command (constant to avoid NULL/crash)
fixed crash bug in set help
[Feb 06 2022] – Zusuk
new quest line: epic lich transformation (homeland quest system, started by ‘asking’)
new quest-only epic race: LICH, level 30 only, character that completes quest will
become a level 1 lich
new feat: lich fear
new feat: lich rejuvenation
new feat: lich touch
new feat: cold immunity
new feat: electric immunity
new feat: lich damage resistance
new feat: lich spell resistance
new feat: lich racial adjustment
[Feb 05 2022] – Zusuk
added new set values: classes – eldritch knight, spellsword, shadowdancer,
blackguard and assassin
various different set values have new staff access restrictions/releases
set command reduced in level to access
updated website themes
updated website plugins
updated website CMS (wordpress)
[Jan 30 2022] – Zusuk
added fix for acid arrow
[Jan 27 2022] – Zusuk
epic race xp table changed from 15x scale to 8x scale
[Jan 26 2022] – Zusuk
added fix to acid fog and some other spells
applied a fix attempt to stoneskin
[Jan 25 2022] – Zusuk
added a lore link to the worldmap
updated the website cms
updated the website theme
updated all the website plugins
[Jan 15 2022] – Zusuk
ornir authored some new lore needed to start a new quest line, so far only
published internally
replicated the training zone in another region
[Oct 08 2021] – Gicker
Added the walkto system. See HELP WALKTO for more information.

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