Thursday, June 1, 2023
LuminariMUD is a unique MUD using Pathfinder/D20 rules and set in a fantasy world of heroes, villains and a world facing a threat that may destroy them all. The game is in an open state, but with plenty of development and world-refinement happening to improve and polish our game. With plenty of lore, and a world map of over 4 million rooms, there's a lot to explore and discover. We cater to PvE lovers and RP, with some PvP goodies coming down the pipe. Our crafting system is deep and allows for unique descriptions and stats you can decide on yourself. We have a GUI for Mudlet and also play well in other MUD clients. We highly encourage those who want to try us out to join our discord server as well. We hope to see you in game!

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      Ornir Elunari

      Hi everyone,

      It would be pretty useful to have a help file for each zone, for example, HELP JOTUNHEIM would provide a bit of lore info and maybe even some practical advice for that zone. Sort of a teaser-hook that gives players an idea of what that place has in store for them. We could put in place a command, ‘help zone’, that would display the help file for that particular zone. This could also just be managed with the current help system, meaning that there would be a help entry for each zone.

      What do you think builders? Would you like to have a way to give a brief overview (1-2 paragraphs) of your zone to whet the appetite of any potential visitors?

      – Ornir Elunari

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      I was thinkign it would be a great idea for having two entries in zedit:
      1) Loreless info
      2) Lore info

      You can make a knowledge check to access #2

      And the builder could then type up the descriptions for these two entries and players could access it with a special command (as opposed to a help file).

      What do you guys think of that idea?


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      I like that idea Zusuk. Each builder will be responsible for creating their own lore this way. This idea overall is great, but it is going to be a ton of work on all the old zones, especially boring stock ones.

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