Saturday, July 2, 2022
LuminariMUD is a unique MUD using Pathfinder/D20 rules and set in a fantasy world of heroes, villains and a world facing a threat that may destroy them all. The game is in an open state, but with plenty of development and world-refinement happening to improve and polish our game. With plenty of lore, and a world map of over 4 million rooms, there's a lot to explore and discover. We cater to PvE lovers and RP, with some PvP goodies coming down the pipe. Our crafting system is deep and allows for unique descriptions and stats you can decide on yourself. We have a GUI for Mudlet and also play well in other MUD clients. We highly encourage those who want to try us out to join our discord server as well. We hope to see you in game!

The New Wilderness System is Now Live!

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      Ornir Elunari

      Greetings all,

      I have gotten the wilderness system to the point where i wanted to move it over to the live port from the development port. There is still a bunch of debugging information visible in the output that could help with playtesting, this will be removed later. Also, the view will be restricted at some later point as well.

      The initial entrance point is the west gate of Midgen, simply walk out of the gate and you will enter the wilderness.

      Immos, you can simply goto 1000001.

      At the time of this post there are no mobs/objects spawning in the wilderness. That will be coming soon.

      The wilderness is 1024×1024, but is really effectively infinite. That just seemed like a good number to use to restrict the formation of land.

      Here is a map, the different colors represent different biomes:

      (Click for a larger version, one pixel = one room)

      Have fun with it and test it out!

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