LuminariMUD is a unique MUD using Pathfinder/D20 rules and set in a fantasy world of heroes, villains and a world facing a threat that may destroy them all. The game is in an open state, but with plenty of development and world-refinement happening to improve and polish our game. With plenty of lore, and a world map of over 4 million rooms, there's a lot to explore and discover. We cater to PvE lovers and RP, with some PvP goodies coming down the pipe. Our crafting system is deep and allows for unique descriptions and stats you can decide on yourself. We have a GUI for Mudlet and also play well in other MUD clients. We highly encourage those who want to try us out to join our discord server as well. We hope to see you in game!

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      Sometimes we have days where you see multiple updates on the news in game. Then there are days where you see nothing at all. Ornir, Zusuk and I have been working on large projects at the moment and a lot of that work is not being seen in game currently. We also have Ratchet and Jordan working on their zones. This kind of work is not seen on a day to day basis by the players so I wanted to reach out and let people know what’s happening.


      • Working extensively on the Main Quest. Ornir with the help and feedback of the rest of the Immortals has and is crafting an incredible story(which can be read before entering the game). The Main Quest will follow this story line very closely. When we talk about lore and getting things right, we want to make sure the characters I create and the quests I create reflect well on this main story.
      • There is an endgame zone that I am working on as well. The shell of the zone is mostly complete. Room descriptions, and items are essentially all that need to be complete. My main focus is the main quest at this time.


      • He is the main coder at this time. Major systems that are being put in place are primarily written by Ornir.
      • The system he is currently working on is an account system. If you have multiple characters, this will enable you to attach them all to one account. The benefit to this is we could create item storage that is account shared, maybe share experience and other things down the line as well.
      • Ornir is also helping with bug fixing


      • Primary bug fixing. If you come across a bug in the MUD, please use the “bug” command to post it. They are not being ignored. Zusuk is working very hard to fix bugs as they come up. We want LuminariMUD to be a great experience. We also love to play our own game, and we often don’t see our own mistakes so the players we have now are crucial.
      • Combat Maneuvers. Help combat maneuvers is empty right now, but the skills associated with it are very much live. Z is working on balancing all the combat maneuvers and the feats associated with them. While doing the combat maneuvers, Z is activating feats that were not complete. Almost any new help file that you come across is written by Zusuk

      One of the things that makes us work together is our teamwork and each other’s vision. We are open with each other. It is rare but if we don’t like something the other person does, we let them know. Zusuk started this project but he is adamant that the MUD is not owned by him, it’s owned by the three of us. This enables us to work on it and do what we see fit. The best part about all of this and I can speak for Ornir and Zusuk is that none of this feels like work. We enjoy everything we do here.

      Thanks for joining us here at LuminariMUD. We are all pretty active and would love to hear some feedback either here or in game. The chat is always open in game to talk about the game, life, or anything in general.



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