Saturday, July 2, 2022
LuminariMUD is a unique MUD using Pathfinder/D20 rules and set in a fantasy world of heroes, villains and a world facing a threat that may destroy them all. The game is in an open state, but with plenty of development and world-refinement happening to improve and polish our game. With plenty of lore, and a world map of over 4 million rooms, there's a lot to explore and discover. We cater to PvE lovers and RP, with some PvP goodies coming down the pipe. Our crafting system is deep and allows for unique descriptions and stats you can decide on yourself. We have a GUI for Mudlet and also play well in other MUD clients. We highly encourage those who want to try us out to join our discord server as well. We hope to see you in game!

Tactical Combat: The Attack Queue

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      Ornir Elunari

      Another layer has been added to the Luminari combat system, fostering tactical decision making and planning while maintaining the fast-paced action that defines combat on Luminari. The Action Queue allows you to set up combat maneuvers to replace melee attacks, including attacks of opportunity and extra attacks granted by feats like Improved Trip.

      What does this mean? Now you are able to plan ahead which combat maneuvers you execute in combat, allowing you the flexibility of stacking bonuses and penalties throughout your attack rotation.

      For example, if you have the feat Improved Trip, you gain an extra attack after you successfully trip an opponent. Before this update, that extra attack was limited to a simple melee attack. Now, you can type trip, disarm and those attacks are queued up for execution on your next melee attack. When you then initiate combat (or when your next attack is automatically executed) that melee attack will be replaced by a trip attempt. If you are successful, your next attack will be the free attack granted by the Improved Trip feat. This attack will take the next maneuver off of the queue, executing a disarm attempt while the opponent is sitting, incurring a -4 penalty on their defense. If you fail, you can either clear the queue with the command ‘attackqueue clear’ or allow your disarm to go through anyway on your next melee attack.

      All abilities or combat maneuvers that replace a melee attack may be queued on the attack queue and stacked in this way.

      See you in the game!

      – Ornir Elunari

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