LuminariMUD is a unique MUD using Pathfinder/D20 rules and set in a fantasy world of heroes, villains and a world facing a threat that may destroy them all. The game is in an open state, but with plenty of development and world-refinement happening to improve and polish our game. With plenty of lore, and a world map of over 4 million rooms, there's a lot to explore and discover. We cater to PvE lovers and RP, with some PvP goodies coming down the pipe. Our crafting system is deep and allows for unique descriptions and stats you can decide on yourself. We have a GUI for Mudlet and also play well in other MUD clients. We highly encourage those who want to try us out to join our discord server as well. We hope to see you in game!

Shadorn – The Elf Ranger

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      Allow me introduce myself, I am known as Shadorn. As you can see from my pointy ear, is that I am indeed Elf. Let me tell you little about myself. Growing up in elf community in the forest, so naturally I grow to love nature and dedicate myself nurture and protect the forest. I am naturally skilled with bow and cultivate my art resolving around the bow. I love to explore as well, why at one point I explored far north and met my trusty companion, Masuka the snow leopard. Since then, we have been traveling together almost everywhere and investigate anything that could upset the delicate balance of nature.

      If you ever need a guide in the wilderness, you can call upon me and Masuka.

      May your arrow be swift and true!

      Shadorn Greenleaf

      OOC: I’m currently living in Alabama, working for State as Deaf Support Specialist or better know as Job Coach/Employer Specialist. I’m currently studying Interactive Media Design and hoping to find a job related to my field (Web designer/developer) in near future. I love fantasy for as long as I can remember and I always play a character that resolve around archery if you couldn’t tell by now. 🙂 I’m really enjoying Luminari and please let me know if I can be any help with testing!

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      Welcome to Luminari young elf.

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      Ornir Elunari

      Welcome Shadorn, and thank you for the introduction!

      You are Masuka are welcome ’round my fire anytime.

      – Ornir Elunari

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      You inspire much confidence in me young Shadorn – much confidence that balance and nature are well protected!!

      OOC: I work in web development/design, we should talk more 🙂

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