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Introduction – Erasmus (and comments from a new guy)

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      RP: It is strange, having more than one birth, though the possibility of the tricks from an ill mind is as persistent to me as the buzzing of flies on a forgotten corpse. Perhaps I have not actually lived these other lives, as paladin, as priest, and embarrassingly, a bard, but the echoes of these memories rest within me, regardless. Let me be the first to admit that I have imbibed a few vials of odd liquids, and Mosswood mushrooms with a reckless abandon that is against my better judgement, so to say I’m in possession of a clean mind would be folly. Yet, I do retain enough of myself to recognize that I am often the greatest culprit of fooling myself, and in world where magic not only exists, but is a profession, and where gods use mortals as tokens in an endless game for entertainment, it is not difficult to understand why I do not simply take everything at face value.

      It is difficult, at times, to cast all that aside and simply describe myself as a Monk. To define one’s entire being by a single title is to describe the forest by a single tree. I am, if anything, a contemplative and curious man, whose fists have proven to be a crude, but necessary asset to my survival. Again, we come to the mind, the essence of selfness, and it does not need to be said that to calm the mind begs the body to follow, but in that platitude I have developed a way of life. I am not particularly fond of violence, but I am also not so naive to think that it can be avoided, nor that evil and good can coexist without demanding balance between them.

      These are the things the weigh upon me as I find my path in the realm. Thankfully, someone very intelligent invented beer.

      OOC: Hi there. Typically when I play RPGs, I go by Erasmus if the name is not already taken, so if you’ve seen me elsewhere, it may or may not be me. I work, more or less, 24 hours a day, with pretty fair chunks of downtime between tasks, so you might see me on at odd times, or going AFK frequently. Depends on the week and what’s going on. In my spare time, I like to do a bit of writing, and I’m exploring MUD creation between CoffeeMUD and Evennia, but I have A LOT to learn. Honestly, if I thought I could help on this one, I’d offer up, but I have zero code skills (something I am working to change a bit).

      So far I dig what you folks have put together. I recently got back into MUDs just over a year ago, having played them about 20 years back with friends when BBS’s were still a thing. In my experiences with others, I have to say that I received one of the warmest welcomes here, not to mention extremely timely help and information. The mapping has a lot of nice touches to it so far, as do the treasure drops. It also looks like you are all working very hard on this, which just rings of future promise for the game, so naturally, I have already decided to stick around.

      Please keep up the good work!

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      Hello Erasmus,

      Welcome to the MUD. We appreciate you taking time to play here. We have a lot of pride in what we have created so far so having people enjoy it means the world to us. You mentioned that you might be interested in helping. While you might not have any coding experience, you could always try building zones. There is no coding experience necessary to build on MUDs. Really all you need is a good vision and a story line for an area. The hardest part is coming up with room descriptions which based on your lore here, I don’t see would be an issue. If you are interested, just message me in game. We are always looking for potential builders. And if not, then no worries, we are excited to have you playing here.



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      Hmm. I would not be opposed to giving building a shot at some point, but after I come up with an idea for an area that makes sense with the existing lore. I’ll keep you posted!

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