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      The world is massive and traveling through the wilderness can take a long time. I have briefly discussed this in the past, so I figured I would put it on the forums and get it down in writing. The idea is that once we are live, the telporter will no longer exist. Every zone will have to be found on the world map. However, once a zone is found the character would remember the location of the zone and would be able to fast travel either with a run script, a carriage ride, or an airship of some sort if we go down that path. It would look something like this:

      [ 5900] A Narrow Opening From The Woods [ None ]  ( None )
      The forest opens up to a grassy path. The grass is over [,]
      three feet in length, but the center of the path is |
      matted down due to constant traffic. Thick briar consumes [,]-[,]
      either side of the path, keeping travelers from straying. |
      Ahead in the distance, an old wooden mansion is seen. It [&]
      looks to be abandoned from here, but with the matted path |
      it is obvious someone or something is traveling between [?]
      the woods and that mansion. To the north the grassy path
      continues and the forest opening to the south is dense
      and dark.
      [ Exits: N S ]

      You have found Wizard's Training Mansion! Check FOUND to see a list of areas you have found.

      The found command:


      Areas that you have found and can fast travel to:
      WIZARD's Training Mansion
      GRAVEN Hollow Camp
      LIZARD Lair

      At the gate of Ashenport:

      [103000] Inside the Northern Gates of Ashenport [ None ]  ( None )
      The northern gates lead out of the city via the High
      Road. The gates are a combination of large wooden doors
      and a huge iron porticullis that descends from the guards
      walk above. There are small gatehouses to either side of
      the gate. There are generally four to eight guards posted [&]
      at any given time to discourage vagrants from entering |
      Ashenport proper. [C]-[C]-[C]-[C]-[C]
      [ Exits: (N) S ]
      A carriage driver stands at the gate waiting for their next customer.

      A carriage drive says, 'Hello there, Treyorn. Can I offer you a carriage ride today? Type 'found' to see your available desitinations. 'travel ' will start our journey for a mere 100 coins.'

      travel wizard

      You give a carriage driver 100 coins. You climb into the carriage and it takes off at once!

      It would still move room by room but very fast and still have a chance to engage a random encounter like originally planned for the world. The other option is instead of a transport vehicle of some sort, it is just a speedrun trigger like a character could make themselves. They could use a command like “run wizard” and the player will speedrun to the location as long as they are in the proper room to start the speedrun.

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      Very nice.

      How about also using the RIDE/MOUNT skill as well. It could be the speediest form of land/air travel.
      Maybe a carriage would cost gold and be quite a bit slower to make RIDE/MOUNT mean something more than it does.

      sidenote: Perhaps some zones can only be accessed with flying mounts.

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      Or maybe give skill to specific class, like pathfinding for Ranger or Memory location for wizard or similar? Or you rather every class have ability even if it is dumb troll berserker who can’t tell difference on landmarks? Ha, :).

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      fun ideas, but maybe to be more realistic the ‘carriage’ or ‘airships’ only stick to main roads, so it can drop you off close to zones, but not directly in them…

      something like that, we don’t want people avoiding the worldmap

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      Or or.. I have idea!

      Travel System:

      If your characters are able to memorize the location based on landmark (maybe minimum of Int or wis of 12?) then characters are able to memorize the location.

      When a character want to travel to the memorized location, they will begin the journey to the location. Now depending on the distance from character’s location to the intended place, longer the travel system will take. And every tick or similar, there’s chance of random encountered in the wilderness! This can include bandit, traveler need assistance, mercenary stop you to try sell stuff to you, etc etc. Now, if character have pathfinding skill or similar? The travel time will be less and less chance to have a random encounters.

      How about that? πŸ™‚

      – Shadorn

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      Hah sounds fun too!

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