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      We now accept new social submissions via the Forum, please use the guide below to create a submission:

      n) Command : smile 1) Sort as Command : sm
      2) Min Position[CH]: Reclinin 3) Min Position[VT]: Dead
      4) Min Level [CH]: 0 5) Show if Invis : NOT HIDDEN
      a) Char [NO ARG]: You smile happily.
      b) Others [NO ARG]: $n smiles happily.
      c) Char [NOT FOUND]: There’s no one by that name around.
      d) Char [ARG SELF]: You smile at yourself.
      e) Others[ARG SELF]: $n smiles at $mself.
      f) Char [VICT]: You smile at $M.
      g) Others [VICT]: $n beams a smile at $N.
      h) Victim [VICT]: $n smiles at you.
      i) Char [BODY PRT]: You smile at $S $t.
      j) Others[BODY PRT]: $n smiles at $N’s $t.
      k) Victim[BODY PRT]: $n smiles at your $t.
      l) Char [OBJ]: You smile at $p.
      m) Others [OBJ]: $n smiles at $p.

      Here is the much coveted list of $ codes applicable to socials:
      $e he/she/it person doing social
      $E he/she target of social
      $m him/her person doing social
      $M him/her target of social
      $n char name person doing social (your name)
      $N char name target of social (other persons name)
      $s his/her/its person doing social
      $S his/her target of social
      $t body part of victim
      $p object

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