Duergar dwell in subterranean caverns far from the touch of light. They
detest all races living beneath the sun, but that hatred pales beside
their loathing of their surface-dwarf cousins. Dwarves and Duergar once
were one race, but the dwarves left the deeps for their mountain
strongholds. Duergar still consider themselves the only true Dwarves,
and the rightful heirs of all beneath the worlds surface. In appearance,
Duergar resemble gray-skinned Dwarves, bearded but bald, with cold,
lightless eyes. They favor taking captives in battle over wanton slaughter,
save for surface dwarves, who are slain without hesitation. Duergar view
life as ceaseless toil ended only by death. Though few can be described as
anything other than vile and cruel, Duergar still value honor and rarely
break their word.

Note: Duergar are an “advanced” race and therefore have a lot
more challenging experience-chart. Type ‘levels’ in-game to view.

Racial Abilities:
light blindness – penalty in daylight outdoors
poison resist (+2 poison save)
strong phantasm resist (+4 phantasm saves)
strong paralysis resist (+4 paralysis saves)
stability (+4 resist bash/trip)
spell hardiness (+4 spell save vs.damaging spells
combat training versus giants, +1 size bonus vs. larger opponents
proficiency with dwarven waraxes
skill affinity (move silently): +2 racial bonus to move silently
partial skill affinity (listen): +1 racial bonus on listen checks
partial skill affinity (spot): +1 racial bonus on spot checks
spell-like ability 3/day: invisibility
spell-like ability 3/day: enlarge
spell-like ability 3/day: strength

Ability Adjustments: +4 Con, -2 Cha

Experience Modifier: Double


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