The Fundamentals:

The universe was created from one or more fundamentals – Patterns which, when manipulated through the Aether, the Prime Fundamental, are the root of creation. The Fundamentals are the patterns, what they represent may be more accurately defined as elements, energies or states. This section is dealing with the patterns themselves, so there is some crossover.

The Fundamentals are:

Air, Water, Earth and Fire

The Parafundamentals are:

Lightning (Fire and Air), Mist (Air and Water), Ooze (Water and Earth), and Magma (Earth and Fire)

The Fundamental Energies are:

Positive and Negative Energy

If you look at the gross representation of the patterns provided, it is possible to see that the Parafundamental patterns are a combination of the Fundamental patterns.

The Energetic Fundamentals are formed by combining Positive or Negative energy with a Fundamental. Doing this either enhances or diminishes the fundamental into it’s most pure, basic state. These names are simply approximations, the reality of this change is much more vast and complete.

The Positive Energetic Fundamentals are:

Sound (Air), Ice (Water), Crystal (Earth), Radiance (Fire)

The Negative Energetic Fundamentals are:

Vacuum (Air), Salt (Water), Void (Earth), Shadow (Fire)

The Aether is the Prime Fundamental, the medium of creation. Its pattern is the simple circle, without beginning and without end, complete in form.

[Contributed by Ornir]

[Ornir notes: I will be drawing up approximations of the Fundamental Patterns into a diagram showing interactions – Most of this is just a different way of looking at the DnD concepts, so it is not a lot of ‘new’ material. Nevertheless, the way the information ties together with the other lore bits is fairly new.]

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