The Adventurers Guild comes to Ashenport.

A heavy set, grizzled man garbed in heavy chainmail strides into the Jade Jug Tavern, slamming his fist down on the table.

Right you lazy bunch of good for nothings, whos up for a job!

The Adventurers Guild have opened a branch in the Jade Jug Tavern in Ashenport.  Players can now take on Missions (Help Mission in game) which will reward gold, exp and reputation with the Adventurers Guild.  A range of missions are available, so this will both help new players get started, and give experienced players excellent rewards for challenging missions at end game.

The Adventurers Guild also offers a range of Mercenaries that will join you on your own adventures, for a price! Which will help players with content that might otherwise require additional group members.

More News:

May continues the fantastic work done in April – and we celebrate the appointment of Havamal to the role of Head Builder.  Hav has started in typical fashion, fixing a multitude of Typos, Color mis-use and other room description related issues.

Major Change:

Missions and Mercenaries are available via the Adventurers Guild representatives in Ashenport.  This new system from Gicker really fleshes out the gameplay experience, ensuring there is always something to be done, no matter the character level.  This also lays the groundwork for faction reputation, and a whole host of other features coming soon.

Other Changes:

Arcane Bloodline for Sorcerer has seen a tweak along with an updated helpfile.

A mob has been added in the Northern side of the Mosswood village who will identify all worn equipment for a cost

Skill checks and skillrolls added to dg Scripts, allowing builders to include content that checks specific skills

A variety of bug fixes for Alchemists

A huge amount of typos and color problems fixed by Havamal

Changes to MSDP to help with the new Mudlet GUI

Full Change log for May below:

[May 28 2020] – Gicker

  Added the arcane bloodline help file.

  Moved the staff commands: restore and set up to World Forger and Forger only.

  Added a mob in northern mosswood village that will identify all of your worn equipment for a cost

in gold based on character level.

  Added in a total exp cap, and a per-mob-kill exp cap for levels 5 and below.  (previouwhoper kill

cap only started at level 6).

  Added in a total exp cap, and a per-mob-kill exp cap for levels 5 and below.  (previous per kill

cap only started at level 6).

[May 19 2020] – English

  Moved Ashenport Mercenaries into the Appropriate Vnum zone.

[May 14 2020] – Gicker

  Fixed a bug with Fullstaff’s horn (and other item’s with wear affect messages) so that the wear

message won’t trigger when saving your character.

  Bombs that use existing spell effects (ie. poison bomb, dispelling bomb) will no longer fail

because of armor worn.

  Bombs can be thrown at players now without requiring the pvp flag turned on, consistent with other

current pvp-related code.

  Staff can now throw any bomb at any time.

  Dispelling bombs can now be thrown at self of party members.

  Dispelling bombs now cast greater dispelling when alchemist level is 14 or higher.

  Added a check to ensure preserve organs doesn’t proc twice in one attack (from a crit and a sneak


  Added poison resistances and bonuses to the poison spell, cloudkill spell, poison bombs and weapon


[May 13 2020] – Gicker

  Added skillroll variable to dg scripts system.  Will return skill value plus a d20 roll

  Elemental mutagen now stacks based on greater/grand mutagen instead of inspiring cognatogen.

  Fixed proper modifiers for true mutagen, congatogen and inspiring cognatogen.

  Fixed poisontouch bug that granted constitution instead of reducing it.

  Fixed a bug with ethereal shift which allowed you to shift mobs and players not grouped with you.

  Added ability for staff to cast any spell.

  Fixed clairvoyance spell to properly target mobs, not rooms.

[May 12 2020] – Gicker

  Fixed dg scripts so they can now properly access player skill values

  Added additional duration on poisons when malignant poison alchemist discovery known.

  Fixed a bug where malignant poison would apply it’s modifier twice

  Fixed sunlight bombs not setting dodge ac penalty on primary target

  Fixed extend potion to double normal potion duration. Enhance potion was accidentally doing this,

and has had that functionality removed.

  Added exit direction keyword for opening doors. Eg. open east

[May 11 2020] – Gicker

  Fixed a bug when sometimes taking a new mission did not take effect.

  Changed the spawn location for mission targets in Memlin Caverns

[May 11 2020] – Havamal

  Eagle Tower door locks fixed up – thanks to Kaez for reporting

[May 11 2020] – Gicker

  Added history for gsay.

  Made item size an issue only with weapons and fireweapons (ranged weapons).

[May 11 2020] – Havamal

  In the cases where I saw them in Mossword, armour and armor (British and US spellings) can both be


  The Ashenportian encampment in Mosswood has seen a much-needed colour pass.

  All of the various fence gates in Mosswood should now be open-able by prodding the direction, ie

if the gate is east, you can now OPEN EAST.

  Paths in Mosswood are now actually path room types.  The square is now ‘city’ representing the

village proper.  The fields are now properly, well, fields.  Many houses had rooms that were not 

indoors, and are now marked as thus.

  A lot of colour cleanup in Mosswood’s further reaches

  Continuing to implement the player suggestion, the Mosswood vendors are now marked with orange

text to differentiate them from normal quest-givers, as well as the elder and the Wizard.

[May 10 2020] – Gicker

  Confused mobs that kill another mob will properly award experience to the person that confused

them, if in the same room upon killing the other mob.

  Fixed description on poison bombs

[May 10 2020] – Havamal

  Patched up a hlquest that grants dragonscale armour.  It will need converted to the proper system

eventually, however.

  The Mosswood bean fields and the gnome’s house have been cleaned up.

  The remaining Mosswood objects that needed a colour pass have been cleaned up.

  The gate into the Mosswood forest where the mushrooms are collected now also responsds to the

direction the gate the gate is barring.  ie, OPEN EAST

  Some further colour cleanup in Mosswood fields

  About half the items in Mosswood have gotten a colour pass.

[May 09 2020] – Havamal

  Blindbreak Rest has been given a colour pass.  Velna and the Protector of the orb are now coloured

as boss encounters.  Aggro enemies are marked in bright red, hostile but not aggressive critters are 

marked in dark red.

  The mobiles in Wizard Training Mansion have all gotten a colour pass now.  I’ve let the orbs be

for now, as a stylistic choice.

[May 09 2020] – Gicker

  Require real race for class prereqs. Previously allowed polymorphed races to bypass this


  Fixed poison bombs properly casting cloudkill now

  Added ability for pvp to happen in the arena without needing pvp flags turned on.

  Cleared currently made bombs on respec.

  Require real race for class prereqs. Previously allowed polymorphed races to bypass this


  Fixed poison bombs properly casting cloudkill now

  Added ability for pvp to happen in the arena without needing pvp flags turned on.

  Cleared currently made bombs on respec.

[May 09 2020] – Havamal

  BOSS monsters are now signified with violet names to distinguish them from others.  Right now

that’s Lady Raven and the Troll King.  More to come as I get to them.

  The cave trolls near Graven have been given a colour pass

  Mr. Marorin now has his name in the room description.

  Most of the camp proper in Graven Hollow has now gotten a colour pass.

[May 08 2020] – Havamal

  The Graven Hollow fields, forest, and campsite have gotten a colour pass.

[May 08 2020] – Gicker

  Added NoCharmieRescue peference in prefedit.  If turned on your charmies won’t try to rescue you.

  Added gold option to prompt

  Added race and subrace to lore <mob> command.

[May 08 2020] – Havamal

  Typo 181 resolved – the cows in the half-orc town pasture have been cleaned up colour-wise.

  Typo 179 resolved – the professional soldier mercenary now is coloured in such a way in its

description the keyword is obvious

  Typo 174 resolved – the undead adventurers have had their keywords cleaned up and room descs

cleaned up to make them more apparent.  I did that while trying to maintain the ‘surprise’ as best 

as I could – though I doubt many people are truly surprised by it.

  Typo 175 resolved – Lady Raven now has her name in her room description, so it’s easier for new

players to recognize her

  Typo 88 resolved – this emote has been fixed.

  Typo 111 resolved – I have rewritten the text for this quest, so this typo is moot.

  Typo 17 resolved – this was fixed long ago, as far as I can see, and I cannot reproduce that typo

in the kick messages now.  If it comes up again, please create a new typo with particulars.

  Typo 15 resolved – While this is technically true, MUDs have referred to the command as ‘affects’

for as long as MUDs have been a thing, so its probably unhelpful to change it.

[May 07 2020] – Havamal

  The Jade Jug bar and its patrons have been given a colour pass to make them more legible, and

consistent with other areas.

  The Elfstone Tavern and its patrons have gotten a colour pass to make colour more consistent and


  Ashenport Way in Ashenport has had the colour cleaned up.

  Typo 68 resolved – cannot get this typo to come up in combat, presumably it was previously fixed

and the typo just not closed properly

  Typo 12 resolved – typos are not the venue to report game bugs.  This has been reported in bugs,

so I have resolved the typo.

  Typo 30 resolved – this room in Ashenport has been cleaned up of illegible colour.

  Typo 45 resolved – this item has been removed from the game, so fixing the typo in it is


  Typo 85 resolved – This was a duplicate report of typos in the treasure key quest.

  Typo 64 resolved – the text for the treasure key in the newbie tutorial has been rehauled,

including fixing this reported typo.

  Typo 79 resolved – the descriptions here have since been rewritten, so this typo has been


  Typo 6 resolved – “Stum” in these messages means you or the enemy stumbled.  It is intentional.

  Typo 5 resolved – the spring colourcodes were previously fixed, this is a duplicate typo.

  Typo 3 resolved – The acid arrow messages got looked at by Ornir – thanks!

  Typos 1 and 2 resolved – this backstab message has long since been fixed, but hadn’t been marked

as resolved.

[May 07 2020] – Gicker

  Increased gold rewards for missions

[May 07 2020] – Havamal

  Typo 162 resolved – The Mosswood well has been cleaned up colour-wise.  Also fixed the streetlamp

while I was in here.

  Typo list 161 – The gate into the Mosswood forest bit where mushrooms are gathered now properly


[May 07 2020] – Gicker

  added a summon command that will allow you to bring all your charmies to where you are

  Added a flag to prevent purchasing more than one mob follower

[May 07 2020] – Havamal

  Typo 160 resolved – This door existed on one side, but not the other.  That has been fixed.  It

also now has a description.  The field before the barracks now also has a much easier on the eyes 


  Typo 159 resolved – This spring in Mosswood has been cleaned up so the colour is less of a mess.

  Typo 158 resolved – Demic now has his name in the room description, so it’s more obvious.

[May 07 2020] – English

  A Representative of the Guild of Adventurers has opened up in the upstairs room of the Jade Jug. 

Denizens of the lands can hire Mercenaries from Fredrick to help them in their journies.

[May 06 2020] – Gicker

  Added check for spell help files within study so certain broken help file refernces will now

target the correct help file.

  Disalowed crafting skill gains when resizing something to your own race size, since said resizes

don’t cost gold

  Added types to some ac and attack roll bonuses

  Added favoredenemies command.

[May 06 2020] – Zusuk

  i -think- i fixed the issue with duplicate account xp when multiplaying

  fixed springleap from not working in some appropriate positions

  Odotho Vodur: Add one_argument_c (buffer safe version of one_argument) along with

  Odotho Vodur: Merge remote-tracking branch ‘origin/master’ 

  Odotho Vodur: Add buffer safe any_one_arg_c, half_chop_c, and unit tests.

  Odotho Vodur: Allow warnings in rtree for now.

  Odotho Vodur: Begin migrating ACMDs to use const/buffer safe string functions.

  Odotho Vodur: more migrating ACMDs to use const/buffer safe string functions. 

  Odotho Vodur: Fix autowiz.c

  Odotho Vodur: Remove unused rtree code. 

  Rrebrick Valde (GUI): adding exit door keyword information to msdp for mapper/speedwalk fun 

  Rrebrick Valde (GUI): smarter speedwalk and general client module improvements  

  Rrebrick Valde (GUI): experience needed to level fix

  fixed a display issue with ‘class info’ not showing proper base attack bonus

[May 05 2020] – Havamal

  Riautar’s Weaponry in Ashenport has been cleaned up

  Soothsayer’s Way in Ashenport and its playground have had the colour cleaned up.

[May 05 2020] – Gicker

  added a toggle command for smash defense.  See HELP SMASH DEFENSE

  Removed exp caps from mission rewards

[May 05 2020] – Havamal

  The High Road and Southern Gates of Ashenport have had their colour cleaned up.

[May 05 2020] – Gicker

  Added to psychokinetic tincture help file that it caps at 5 spirits.

  Made it so mission mobs from another person’s mission cannot assist mission mobs of a different


  Adjusted mob hps for missions.

[May 05 2020] – Ornir

  Paths are fixed!

[May 05 2020] – Havamal

  The River Gates and River Street of Ashenport have had their colour cleaned up.

[May 05 2020] – Zusuk

  epic mage armor, as designed, can now only be cast on oneself

  xp group bug, thanks serity for finding it!

[May 05 2020] – English

  Added Signs outside of Ashenport Gates to introduce Survey

  Fixed a missing trigger in Alerion’s Outer Planes Quest line

[May 05 2020] – Zusuk

  the auto-shutdown won’t execute during staff-ran events or happyhours

  … a token that players can acquire that create happyhours?!  wha?! ….

[May 05 2020] – Havamal

  Typo 49 resolved – the typo in the Western Gate of Rankit has been fixed.

  Typo 48 resolved – the typo in the description of the Eastern Gate of Rankit has been fixed.

  I also took the liberty of cleaning up the foyer of the night club while I was there.

  Typo 132 resolved – The incorrectly-named direction in the backroom of the Three Pearls Night Club

has been corrected.  The description and colour are also cleaned up, and it has been correctly 

marked as indoors.

  Typo 133 resolved – this description in Wizard’s Training Mansion has been cleaned up of a few

things, including the mentioned typo.

  Typo 150 resolved – abbreviating races in the SCORE is intentional.

  Typo 29 resolved – fixed up the colour in this room.

  Typo 16 resolved – there is no such wand that would spawn here.  Please be sure to include the

short description of items in typos if it is for an item, so we can try to track it down if it 

doesn’t spawn in the room you are reporting from.

  Typo 42 resolved – the colour in this room has been cleaned up.

  Typo 58 resolved – duplicate report of already-resolved typo

  Typo 97 resolved – Not sure what might have been wrong here but the description has been cleaned

up in the Mosswood pass, so this is likely an obsoleted report.

[May 04 2020] – Gicker

  Fixed a but with mutagens starting cooldown when certain parameters missing from the command.

  Fixed a bug with psychokinetic tincture armor adjustment

  mission cooldown reduced to 10 mins.  Rewards adjusted commensurately.

  Increased hps on mission mobs.  Properly scaled hps on harder than normal mission mobs.

  Added easy difficulty to missions

[May 04 2020] – Havamal

  Severely toned down the frequency of several mob echoes in Llanwryn Keep – we’ll still need to go

through and re-evaluate many.

  The Mug and Mutton in Llanwryn Keep has been cleaned up, colour-wise.

  Rak’s Apothecary has been cleaned up in terms of colours.

  The trade center of Llanwryn Keep has been cleaned up.

[May 04 2020] – Zusuk

  fixed a crash bug with unfinish class kit-quests from hl zones

[May 04 2020] – Havamal

  Typo 135 resolved – For this room in Blindbreak Rest, the ‘they’ was not so much superfluous as

the grammar of the first and second sentences were confused.  I have cleaned them up to be more 


  Typo 134 resolved – I see no missing text in this room, likely it was resolved previously without

marking the typo as resolved.

  Typo 75 resolved – the thief in the tutorial has had their gender corrected.

  Typo 34 resolved – while the use of colour in this room on Skull Street was very creative, I agree

it caused legibility issues and as such have removed it.  We will likely have to go over Ashenport 

in general.

  Typo 40 resolved – the colour in the Royal Chamber in the Ruined Keep has been cleaned up.

  Typo 35 resolved – the Mosswood barracks has been re-organized slightly so that the grid layout is correct and without overlap.

  Typo 145 – When referring to the forest surrounding the village, “the Mosswood” is correct.

  Typo 143 resolved – this was addressed in my Mosswood cleanups, I believe.

  Typo 77 resolved – This room in Blindbreak Rest now has a description.

  Typo 114 resolved – HELP MAGIC MISSILE looks alright.  Whatever problem it had was probably fixed

prior without this typo being resolved.

[May 04 2020] – Zusuk

  added a very brief arena helpfile

  added some code so you can slay each other in arena without xp loss

  there is now a portal to the arena from ashenport

  there is now a portal to the arena from the duergar hometown

  new arena zone, vnum 1386

  fixed mob bouncing flee off attacks of opportunities (i hope)

  you need a move action to flee now

[May 04 2020] – Havamal

 Typo 32 and 33 resolved – these were resolved when I went over Mosswood colour, but I didn’t know there were typos over them!

  Typo 73 resolved – not being able to have spaces in a doors keyword is a technical limitation of

the engine.  However, the description of it has no limitation, so I fixed that much!

  Typo 92 resolved – this was fixed previously, but the typo was not marked as resolved.  Oops on

our part!

  Typo 91 resolved – I am unclear what this typo is meaning to communicate, however, what I read

suggests this is a mechanical complaint … TYPO is not the venue for complaints, suggestions, or 

comments about mechanics.  If you meant that some help file or other information *about* a mechanic 

is incorrect, please resubmit a typo with more information, thanks!

  Typo 138 resolved – while there are other problems with Alerion that we need to fix such as typos

reported in the quest, in this case of his description, both as it is now and what was suggested are 

correct – the difference between the two is a matter of stylistic preference in writing.

  Typo 90 resolved – The duplicated descriptions of some towels in the Dollhouse have been removed.

  Typo 89 resolved – test successful?

  Typo 147 resolved – the offending room description in the Wizard Training Mansion has been cleaned


  Typo 151 resolved – this description looks fine.

  Typo 131 resolved – Muleskull Tavern’s description has been cleaned up.

  Typo 25 resolved – description in the entrance to the Training Halls has been fixed.

  The bridge in Llanwryn Keep renamed to Llan Bridge.  All the rooms in it now have unique

descriptions.  Fancy!

[May 04 2020] – Zusuk

  xp bonus based on level fixed, thanks serity

[May 04 2020] – Havamal

  The keep has been renamed to Llanwryn Keep.  The bridge traversing between north and south city

has been renamed the Llan bridge.  Descriptions of the bridge have been rewritten to be more accurate and diverse.

  Several more rooms in the Keep have had their titles cleaned up.

[May 04 2020] – Zusuk

  you should now slowly de-regen when over max hps as per design

  more tweaks to berserker rage hps bonus/clear

[May 03 2020] – Zusuk

  calming down from rage will now drain the proper amount of hitpoints

  starting to build a restriction list of spells that a stave can have on it 😛

  mounts should have (temporarily) unlimited movement points (to help with wilderness travel)

  trying to move while fighting gives a message (like it use to)

[May 03 2020] – English

  Upped Load numbers of some mobs in Ardeep to bring it more in line with the Loads in Graven Hollow

[May 03 2020] – Zusuk

  fixed some more wear off messages

[May 02 2020] – Zusuk

  fixed all the reported missing wear off messages (so far)

  added to the sign in mosaic that the zone only resets on exit

[May 01 2020] – Gicker

  Added the mission system, which allows players to take NPC bounty missions at the adventurer’s

guild representitive near Alerion in Ashenport.  See HELP MISSIONS for more details.  Rewards need 

to be tested and are likely to be adjusted.

[May 01 2020] – Havamal

  The room descriptions in several of the Mosswood fields have been given more variety

  200 rooms in the Keep now the titles’ colours cleaned up

[May 01 2020] – Zusuk

  some tweaks and bug fixes to staff event system

  RRebrick Valde: Support for sending character position via MSDP

  RRebrick Valde: fix for msdp position value not setting right

  Odoth Vodur: Add performance monitoring code.

  Odoth Vodur: Increase embed_build_version size to avoid truncation.

  Odoth Vodur: Fix crash bug in do_players.

  Odoth Vodur: First pass strcpy -> strlcpy

  Odoth Vodur: Remove .accepted in Makefile. 

  Odoth Vodur: Always rebuild constants.c with other files so that luminari_build is 

  Odoth Vodur: Reduce perfmon log spam by only dumping when high water mark increases.

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