Treyprn's requested build sites
LuminariMUD WorldMap


When a builder is submitting a proposal for a new zone, this map should be used to choose what kingdom/region the zone will be in. Builders who already have a zone in progress should also mark their zone on the map. At this time the only zone marked is Valcrest. Please update this as necessary.
Taure Fea


Edit 2/19/2013:  The map has been updated to show Treyorn’s proposed build sites.

This map is marked with the locations of zones and proposed zones.


  1. If you cannot repost the map, please email it to me at All submissions for new zones should also be sent to this address before a zone can be assigned. This will allow us to manage the placement of zones, the number of rooms a zone will require, and the balance of the game.

    Taure Fea

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