[Apr 12 2013] – Zusuk
should be able to use held spellbooks to memorize
[Apr 11 2013] – Zusuk
charmee’s no longer need to be groupped to get xp
new skill: sap
new skill: dirt kick
new skill: shield punch
new skill: headbutt
new skill: springleap
new skill: bodyslam
new skill: charge
new skill: hitall
added guard ability (anyone with rescue can use it)
added new happyhour function: treasure – to increase treasure drop rate
[Apr 10 2013] – Zusuk
added singfile staff command and help file
[Apr 08 2013] – Zusuk
added status to zlist for head builder usage
[Apr 07 2013] – Zusuk
added some extra restriction checking on the portal/gate spells
added new position: recline
added new room flag: norecall, prevents the recall spell
[Apr 06 2013] – Nashak
fixed an issue with echos that was causing echos to not be displayed correctly in medit in certain scenarios

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