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July Update: Shifter Class, Bug & Typo Fixes

July Update: Shifter Class, Bug & Typo Fixes
Image from: https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/File:Zova.jpg

Despite being under-staffed this month, we are happy to announce a new Prestige Class and some fixes.

Visit this link to view the overview of the new Prestige Class – The Shifter.

Here is the complete list of changes made this past month:

[Jun 30 2020] – Pathos
Fixed Yahg’s name in Wizard Training Mansion
[Jun 29 2020] – Pathos
Power Word Kill helpfile typo fixed
Wail of the Banshee helpfile typo fixed
Energy Drain helpfile typo fixed
Iron Skin helpfile typo fixed
Incendiary Cloud helpfile typo fixed
Horrid Wilting helpfile typo fixed
Mass Charisma helpfile typo fixed
Prismatic Spray helpfile typo fixed
Detect Poison helpfile typo fixed
Mass False Life helpfile typo fixed
Mass Wisdom helpfile typo fixed
Mass Cunning helpfile typo fixed
Missile Storm helpfile typo fixed
Goto helpfile typo fixed
Greater Dispelling helpfile typo fixed
Globe of Invulnerability helpfile typo fixed
Mind Fog helpfile typo fixed
Interposing Hand helpfile typo fixed
Nightmare helpfile typo fixed
Cloudkill helpfile typo fixed
Feeblemind helpfile typo fixed
Wall of Force helpfile typo fixed
Ball of Lightning helpfile typo fixed
Billowing Cloud helpfile typo fixed
Halt Undead helpfile typo fixed
Dispel Magic helpfile typo fixed
Web helpfile typo fixed
False Life helpfile typo fixed
Clan helpfile typo fixed
Touch of Idiocy helpfile typo fixed
Darkness helpfile typo fixed
Chill Touch helpfile typo fixed
Minor Globe helpfile typo fixed
Ice Storm helpfile typo fixed
Summon Creature IX helpfile typo fixed
Resist Energy helpfile typo fixed
Statistics helpfile typo fixed
Freezing Sphere helpfile typo fixed
[Jun 26 2020] – Gicker
Frightful command is now an alias for dragonfear command.
Shapechange command is now an alias for wildshape command.
Removed ability to use the disguise command or cast polymorph self if
Enlarge and reduce person both properly adjust size while wildshaped.
Fixed erroneous race display when wildshaped as a pixie or manticore.
Fixed a reference to pixie dust in efreeti magic.
Increased stats on dragon knight, elemental swarm and summon creature (#)
spells for epic/greater/regular spell focus conjuration.
Increased stats on animate dead, greater animation, mummy dust spells for
epic/greater/regular spell focus necromancy.
Increased stats on polymorph forms for epic/greater/regular spell focus
Added epic spell focus feat.
Increased fire shield effect damage on efreeti form.
Increased melee damage for manticore, efreeti and pixie forms.
Increased AC on all shifter forms.
Increased tailspike damage for manitcore form.
Removed shifter shape access from polymorph spell.[Jun 25 2020] – Pathos
and mandragora
changed the church goer in graveyard to allow church and goer to target it.
Only recognized man before, and that conflicted with the Manticore shifter
[Jun 19 2020] – Pathos
4 typo were fixed from the typo list.
[Jun 18 2020] – Zusuk
added mosswood gate key to shop inside of mosswood (just in case)
fixed an issue wwith loading mosswood gate key
[Jun 16 2020] – Gicker
Added help files for each of the above forms.;
Added the epic wildshape feat.;
Added the dragonmagic ability.;
Added the following shifter forms: efreeti;
Added the efreetimagic ability.;
Fixed a prerequisite error with perfect two weapon fighting.;
Fixed a bug that prevented some wildshape forms from speaking.;
Fixed a bug that caused the mission cooldown to start prematurely.;
Added the following shifter forms: manticore, pixie, iron golem, dragons (red,
blue, green, black and white).;
Added the dragonfear ability.;
Added tailspikes ability.;
Added pixiedust and pixieinvis abilities.;
Added poisonbreath ability.;
Added entangle and confusion spells.;
Added sleep and charm immunity for elves.;
Added the true sight and paralysis immunity feats.;
Added the shifter class.;
Fixed attack messages for pixie to show piercing messages instead of
Fixed a bug with epic wildshape bonuses not applying.;
[Jun 16 2020] – English
Changed zone North of Waterdeep to North of Ashenport
Added a sign to point to the right helpfile for the Bazaar in Ashenport
[Jun 15 2020] – Gicker
Added help files for each of the above forms.;
Added the epic wildshape feat.;
Added the dragonmagic ability.;
Added the following shifter forms: efreeti;
Added the efreetimagic ability.;
Fixed a prerequisite error with perfect two weapon fighting.;
[Jun 13 2020] – English
Changed additional mobs in Galaxy from Animal Race to avoid issues with
Handleanimal skill
[Jun 12 2020] – Gicker
Fixed a bug that prevented gaining levels because of unspent stat points
[Jun 11 2020] – Gicker
Added racial modifiers to the stat setting screen in study
Added mass false life spell for wizards and sorcerers. Note, if you are a
level 13+ wizard or 14+ sorcerer, you will need to respec to be able to learn
the spell.
[Jun 10 2020] – English
Fixed several mentions to Waterdeep in Ashenport Market area – also removed
some more of the dreaded Blue
[Jun 09 2020] – English
Comet (Galaxy) mob race changed to Elemental some it can’t be gained via
[Jun 08 2020] – Gicker
Humans now get 4 extra points when setting ability scores at level 1.
racial ability score modifiers are now set after base ability scores set in
characters should now be able to set their stats when they respedc now
fixed stat setting issue with advanced and epic races.
[Jun 07 2020] – Zusuk
special thanks to Vodur for the very impressive uptimes!
[Jun 06 2020] – Zusuk
fixed a bag full of broken gear, thanks kazul!
[Jun 05 2020] – Zusuk
added a login for frums on top of the index
[Jun 04 2020] – Gicker
Made certain armor spells (armor, group armor, shield, barkskin, etc) refresh
the effect with the current casting instead of failing.
[Jun 04 2020] – Zusuk
congrats to english for his promotion to senior staff!!
added search forms to the forum
[Jun 03 2020] – Gicker
Removed accumulative duration from a number of ‘buffing’ spells
[Jun 02 2020] – Gicker
Added a default wearoff message for all skills and spells that don’t have one
School power sorcerer arcane bloodline feature now shows arcane bloodline
school choice.;
Added UNCAP function which will return the string with lowercase first
Sorcerer arcane bloodline now shows which school was chosen in feats list.;
Sorcerer bloodline now shows in score.;
Staff members are now unaffected by the ROOM_FOG room flag.;
Fixed a bug where casting identify or using lore skill on a player, was
showing the wrong race.

Image from: https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/File:Zova.jpg


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