We’re happy to have Janalon join our building staff, and he’s been hard at work with his first zone almost ready to go in. Janalon has a teaching background in writing as well as some coding background too. His zone is looking very nicely detailed with some fun scripting as well. We expect his zone will open in the next couple of weeks.

We’ve also added the fey bloodline for sorcerers, and along with it several new feats, a new spell and more. We’ve added functionality for your charmies and summons (etc.) to save over play sessions.

We did a fair bit of work on our treasure system, making treasure drop less often, but with better, more useful drops when it does occur.

See the full changelog here:

[Feb 01 2021] - Gicker
  Check for class anti and required flags for wearing items.
  Added class-required item flags so char must have lvls in class to use.
  Added missign anti-class item flags.
[Jan 29 2021] - Gicker
  Changed random potion drops so it will drop a healing potion 2 out of 3 times.
  Added Fey Bloodline to score sheet.
  Added Darkling racial subtype.
  Adjusted random treasure system in the following ways:
  - magic items drop 33% of previous rate.
  - Greater chance for arcanite crystals to drop, lower chance for consumables.
  - Consumables, higher chance for potions and scrolls, lower for wands, staves and ammo.
  - When potions drop, you get 3 potions now.
  - When scrolls drop, you get 2 scrolls now.
  - When ammo drops you get 4 pieces of the same ammo now.
  - If armor drops, you will now get a full suit instead of a single piece.
  - Monk gloves will now drop with magic weapons, with the same frequency as any other weapon type.
  - Increased bonuses from magic items by +1 across the board.
  - Resistance bonuses on magic items will now have far larger bonuses.
[Jan 28 2021] - Gicker
  Added fey bloodline for sorcerers
  Added Laughing touch class ability for fey bloodline
  Added Fleeting glance class ability for fey bloodline
  Added fey magic class ability for fey bloodline
  Added Shadow walk spell for wizards, sorcerers, bards, alchemists and fey bloodline
  Added shadow walk class ability for fey bloodline
  Added wilderness stride feat for druids, rangers and fey bloodline
  Added soul of the fey class ability for fey bloodline
  Added fey bloodline arcana class ability for fey bloodline
  Added feymagic command for using fey bloodline abilities
  Added the following dg script variables for pcs: size, sizenumber, feat
  Made poison immunity feat have full resistance against poison damage taken
  Added functionality for npc followers (pets, mounts, summons, charmees, etc.) to save over play sessions/reboots/etc.
[Jan 26 2021] - Gicker
  Fixed an issue where group members and charmies could not assist against mission mobs.
[Jan 25 2021] - Gicker
  Added the ability for objects to have skill modifiers in the apply menu
  Added ability to see feat names when adding a feat apply to an object
[Jan 23 2021] - Zusuk
  added the 3 new zones to the worldmap image so folks can find them
  3 new zones attached to the wilderness!  dwarven mines, lizard lair and amiskal's keep
[Jan 22 2021] - Gicker
  Fixed a bug that denied wizard and warrior class feats if their wizard/warrior level was below 20, but they were still level 21+ character level.
[Jan 21 2021] - Gicker
  Fixed a bug where feats, class feats and trains were not showing up when gaining a level in a new class.
  Fixed a bug wherein warriors were receiving a class feat every level instead of every 2 levels
[Jan 17 2021] - Gicker
  Fixed a bug that was preventing aggro mobs from aggroing
[Dec 03 2020] - Pathos
  Note added to Charmee helpfile

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