Divine Casting
God vivifies the world, giving it energies of healing, fertility and sustenance through varied channels of blessing. These channels, often called “His Will” or “Shefa,” can be also understood as energy. They are manifest in an infinite number of ways, which to the untrained mind and heart are mistaken all too often for the simple phenomena of healing herbs, rain, gold coins, kindness by fellow Ossirians and salvation from the many perils encountered during adventure.

There are a select few who have come to the true realization of the Source of everything. An even more select few, Divine Casters, have attained the ability to tap into Shefa through both prayer and merit by virtue of deeds. By tapping into these non-physical channels, the world as we know it can be dramatically manipulated, bending and twisting the very laws of physics that we think we understand.

Because Divine Casters have aligned their will to that of the Divine, they have great power. Their power extends over all aspects of creation – from the whisper of a blade of grass to resurrection of the dead; from the thoughts of the miniscule ant, to the trembling of the very foundations of Luminari.


[Submitted by Zusuk, officially rejected by Ornir for the time being]

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