Long time no update right? Well, this is a combination of inactivity and not remembering to update the website and social network, and for that we apologize!!

Here are some development highlights since our last post!

  • We are now developing a GUI package for Mudlet!
  • An expansion of our main quest line for Ashenport-region to carry a player to approximately level 18
  • Some placement of more wizard-scrolls throughout the main quest line to help supplement wizard growth
  • Reduction in cost for wizards to research spells, emphases on lower circle spells having a heavier cost reduction
  • Performance improvements for bards
  • Lots of fun fine-tuning for the epic race Trelux
  • Convenience improvements and fixes for apply poison
  • A lot of cleanup in combat output, including filtering out a lot of extra information into a toggled called ‘combatroll’
  • A lot of idea and bug submissions have been resolved

Here is the comprehensive list of changes that have been made since the last update:
[Dec 02 2017] – Zusuk
new druids now start with a scimitar and leather armor instead of mace and scalemail
[Nov 28 2017] – Zusuk
knockdown failed attempt to size difference has modified message
fixed typo in shieldcharge missed attack
can’t scan directions you can’t go now
added some color to ‘scanning’ message for disscernment purposes
began full audit of objects generating errors in the syslogs
removed quests that did not have a quest-master assigned
fixed all mobile spec-assignments with missing mobiles
fixed all object spec-assignments with missing objects
fixed some in-zone errors reported via zreset
fixed some individual zone errors via the .zon files
fixed all the zone errors reported during reboot/copyover
moved account-save in save_char() from bottom of function to before file-closing
[Nov 24 2017] – Zusuk
added a dummy check in mob echos to make sure it doesn’t grow past it’s array limits
added first sample of msdp gui combat wraps (gui mode)
[Nov 23 2017] – Zusuk
added to bottom of toggle display note suggesting to use prefedit
added some labels to clarify toggle category
fixed some alignment issue with toggle display
added to toggle new empty mode: GUI Mode
added to prefedit new empty mode: GUI Mode
[Nov 15 2017] – Zusuk
added a new quest to mosaic caves
[Nov 14 2017] – Zusuk
room 60000 now just has some copy and paste mlists to view the mosnter manual
added a new object/house backup script
added the monster manual scrape nashak created in zone 600 (600-623)
[Nov 09 2017] – Zusuk
added a sign reminding the player of the ‘look around’ command to help them explore mosaic cave
added to zones file mosaic cave
teleporter allows keywords ‘mosaic’ to arrive at the mosaic cave
added a familiar character as a mini quest hub in mosaic cave
[Nov 07 2017] – Zusuk
started building the mosaic cave quest
[Nov 05 2017] – Zusuk
yahg’s quest now rewards a scroll of ‘identify’
veralis quest to destroy the mutated children awards a scroll of ‘blindness’ now
for defeating lady raven, veralist now rewards a scroll of ‘haste’
horkas, once a reboot/copyover will have a scroll of ‘greater invisibility’
stohana, once per reboot/copyover, will sell a scroll of ‘dominate person’
a scroll of ‘greater mirror image’ can be found in the ghost of grimtohr’s room, once per reboot/copyover
displacement scroll, once per reboot/copyover can be found in protect of the orb’s room
dollhouse quest awards now a scroll of ‘iron skin’
[Nov 03 2017] – Zusuk
added some more minor tweaks to the bard performance formula
gave a flat 10% increase of performance success
[Nov 02 2017] – Zusuk
heavy armor now has a 50 percent bonus protection compared to old values
medium armor now has a 40 percent bonus protection compared to old values
light armor now has a 30 percent bonus protection compared to old values
stutter now happens after the verse to help new bards out
starting bards now get a set of instruments
[Nov 01 2017] – Zusuk
fixed inappropriate themed objects in dollhouse
fixed some theme issues with dollhouse
finished fixing the mob races in zone 118 (dollhouse)
[Oct 25 2017] – Zusuk
trippled chance of chemistry notches
fixed a little bug in init_char()
fixed some room connections in blindbreak
[Oct 24 2017] – Zusuk
fixed a few objects in the ‘mines’ zone
fixed a bug with show_obj_to_char – stock gear with negative values would crash the game
added some more mobs to kill in blindbreak
blindbreak zone reset was changed from 18 to 10 minutes to allow for more xp hunting
[Oct 23 2017] – Zusuk
added some more dummy checks into the apply poison code
some minor improvements / fixes to apply poison command and combat
apply poison now works for trelux
[Oct 22 2017] – Zusuk
swideth in mosswood now sells potions of ‘remove disease’
[Oct 19 2017] – Zusuk
weapon spells (offensive) will not try to activate in !magic room
some fine tuning with apply poison skill
the ‘craft’ command now reminds you at the bottom of some related commands
the training (ability) interface has been modified slightly
[Oct 18 2017] – Zusuk
you can no longer apply poison to bows/crossbows themselves ;p
[Oct 17 2017] – Zusuk
apply poison no longer will break stealth
added a little more flavor to the apply poison message that includes the poison used
applypoison now accepts ‘primary’ and ‘offhand’ as weapon choices to apply poison to respective wielded weapons
trelux monks now get proper bonuses to their monk barehand damage due to claws
trelux get a bonus to mainhand attack due to natural racial proficiency with their claws
trelux pincer feat info now mentions penalty of offhand attack
idle weapon spells will not try to activate if you already have the spell
added 3 random messages for weapon spells just for a little variety
trimmed down weapon flag messages, and made sure they are on the same line as the particular attack
weapon spells will stop trying to activate in no-magic rooms
weapon flags such as bane, chaotic etc, will no longer give messages in combat unless you have combatroll toggled on
clenched fist now targets the proper target with the affection aspect
NEW TOGGLE / MODE: combatroll — combatroll toggle will turn on all the combat details i disabled by default
you will no longer see the tags that indicate why your sneak attack is successful
you will no longer see the “down!” tag
you will no longer see the amount of damage
you will no longer see stumble attacks tag
you will no longer see the rolls you get in combat
added a message to suffering victim of poison during combat
fixed some issues with trelux poison
poisoning a target that is already poisoned will cause them extra damage
trelux poison now uses their level to determine bonus
trelux claw poison now has a little more color in messaging
trelux missed attacks now get the proper message in combat
made a _slightly_ better harvesting message, will rebuild it so it is more colorful in the future
“ammo” is now a keyword for all ammo-type of random treasure to help players either organize or junk that type of treasure
[Oct 16 2017] – Zusuk
modified shutdown messages with a little more detail for the logs
new staff commands: stat affect, stat room, stat zone, stat feat
the helpfile for staff “stat” now includes all the new stat-functions
mithril flute (24812) is now a flute
object 2563, golden flute is now actually a flute
flute object 5217 is now an ‘instrument’
homemade lyre (32513) is now actually a lyre
school for proteciton from evil/good is no longer “no school”
when you reach the level limit (level-immortal minus one), you will now get the message “You have reached the level limit! You can not go above level 30!” if you try to ‘gain’
[Oct 15 2017] – Zusuk
removed all in-house bug submissions, moved them to forums for ease-of-viewing
fixed some issues with lady raven’s scripts
fixed crash bug with quests with repeatable steps (that i created) 2.0
characters/houses with heavy amounts of scripted objects cause the game to lag when being saved – this issue was resolved
[Oct 14 2017] – Zusuk
added note in mosswood quest that you should explore and get to know the city
added note in ashenport quest that you should explore and get to know the city
made the ‘same weapon’ message more accurate
fixed skill typo for: song of rejuv
vermin can not longer pick locks
plants can not longer pick locks
oozes can not longer pick locks
magical beasts can not longer pick locks
animals can not longer pick locks
dragons can not longer pick locks
undead can not longer pick locks
you can’t study while wildshaped, polymorphed or shape-changed now
ramses potions no longer give sanctuary (disabled spell)
[Oct 13 2017] – Zusuk
more changes to quest output
clarified in wizard quest that you have to bring back and GIVE him the mushrooms
added a little tidying up for quest output
there is now a slight delay between completing a quest and getting the reward/info from it
put notice that the crafting tutorial does not always seem to work
added CRAFT command to CRAFTING help file
added more info to some of the commands indicating important related commands
[Oct 11 2017] – Zusuk
emptied out changelog (bak3)
new post thanks to seraty, please see forum ‘bugs’ for more info
updated the website’s plugins
swapped out some deprecated skills in crafting for relevant crafting skills
fixed some bumbled up messages in crafting
replaced alchemy checks with chemistry checks in craft code via seraty request
random treasure ammo will now be tagged as ‘magical’
[Oct 10 2017] – Zusuk
removed some spammy logs in shop code
trip should not queue when not in combat
bash should not queue when not in combat
kick should not queue when not in combat
updated the druid weapon proficiency list
you can now only have ONE miscellaneous pet followers, not including 1: undead, familiar, mount, elemental
death will now force-clear grapple effects on victim
spiked chain is now ‘balanced’
whip is now ‘balanced’
[Oct 09 2017] – Zusuk
fixed a crash bug with pin
modes such as power attack will handle values of 1 even if your BAB is less than 1
a lot of offensive skills are now not accessible via order command for NPC’s
added a little color to the withdrawal message
added a little coloring to the deposit message
added utility to deposit and withdrawal: deposit all, withdraw all
“fixed” napalm quest in zone 3
ordering all your followers now consumes a full round action
ordering a single folower now consumes a move action
[Oct 08 2017] – Zusuk
added suggestion to combat tutorial to check ‘attack’ command
added ‘combat-mode’ help file
added a suggestion to go through tutorial despite player experience for bonus items/xp
[Jul 30 2017] – Zusuk
fixed a load error in room 132100
fixed some typos in class.c file
[Oct 30 2016] – Zusuk
added mosaic cave to sketch map
attached mosaic cave
begun work on finishing mosaic cave
ok all fixed
fixed trigger 2735
[Oct 27 2016] – Zusuk
fixed duplicate epic class feat progression
certain classes that weren’t suppose to get epic class feats have been fixed
fixed a potential crash bug while fighting (??) penguins
removed fremlin quest in mosswood, it was not even remotely done and was misleading players into thinking there was a quest there
fixed a script in memlin caverns
fixed a few core mechanics for some item procs
added some comments to clean up some code
[Oct 25 2016] – Zusuk
fixed the feat descriptions for combat expertise and power attack modes in the feat file
[Oct 23 2016] – Zusuk
changed the power attack help file
fixed a quest title that was deceiving
[Oct 21 2016] – Zusuk
conquer the challenge of the dollhouse to acquire a powerful artifact!! suggested minimum level 12, if you are following the quest line you should arrive around level 14-15
the next step in the quest line will now take the player to the dollhouse to retrive an artifact
added an extention to the quest line
maximum exp for completing quest has been changed from 99,999 to 999,999
began marking on a map all the attached zones int he ashenport region
connected Dollhouse to ashenport region
[Oct 10 2016] – Zusuk
modified the combat expertise help file
made all the graven quest weapons level 9 minlevel
critical hit message location in code changed
[Sep 19 2016] – Zusuk
fixed an issue with scripts using “say” as an argument – now ” ‘ ” will work
solo and group xp gains had some inconsistencies that needed to be modified
[Sep 18 2016] – Zusuk
added the rough drafts to the website ‘lore’ section
posted the rough draft of ashenport region
posted the rought draft of map’s regions
added a marker before velna as a warning
gave velna a description (previously “unfinished”)
[Sep 16 2016] – Zusuk
added a note to the colour helpfile for staff as a reminder how to see the full color spectrum (show colour)
[Sep 15 2016] – Zusuk
made account xp about twice as easy to get
[Sep 14 2016] – Zusuk
in feat command, improved reaction should reflect the stacked bonus value
first attempt at fixing the incorrect display for npc races
air elements and faerie dragons no longer have permanent blur
when trying to train abilities outside of a trainer, it no longer tells you to go to your guild, but instead find a ‘trainer’
fixed an issue with improved reaction feat

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