Weapons overview

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Weapons Overview

     : weapontypes (optional weapon type name)
     : weaponproficiencies (optional proficiency name)
     : weaponinfo (required weapon type name)

There are a large variety of weapons in the game, each with its own properties and benefits. As such we've implemented some commands and systems to best navigate the variety of weapons and to choose the one(s) that best fit your character.

To begin, the different weapons have been broken down into weapon types. You can see the different types by typing 'weapontypes'. If you wish to see what weapons are included in a certain weapon type, type 'weapotype (type)', such as 'weapontype heavy-blades'. These types are mainly used, in a mechanical sense, when selecting a combat feat, such as weapon focus or improved critical. When doing so, you will select a weapon type for that feat, and in doing so, you will receive the feat benefits if you're using any weapon in that weapon type list. Please note that you must still have the required proficiency to use any weapon in that group without penalties.

On the subject of proficiencies, we've also added a weaponproficiencies command. Typing it on its own will list each proficiency group. To view what weapons are included in that group, type 'weaponproficiencies (proficiency name). For example, if you type the command 'weaponproficiencies simple' it will show all the weapons that are included with the simple weapon proficiency feat.

Finally, if you're looking to get information on a specific weapon type, we've added the weaponinfo command. Simply type 'weaponinfo (weapon name)' and it will display all pertinent information about that weapon.