Playable Races

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Playable Races in Luminari

Base Races

Human characters are the most diverse, gaining a free feat and 4 skill points at first level. Every level thereafter they get another point.

Elf characters are quick but frailer than most others, gaining +2 Dexterity but -2 Constitution. They also have magic resistance and bonuses to their senses.

Dwarf characters are stocky but slightly gruff, giving them +2 Constitution but -2 Charisma. Their racial traits make them formidable foes who can endure physical punishment.

Halfling characters are weak but plucky and agile, giving them +2 Dexterity but -2 Strength. A lucky and sneaky race, halflings make for great rogues.

Half Elf characters share some of the resistances and senses of elves, and some of the versatility of their human side.

Half Orc characters are all about brawn, but lack a little in the brains department. They get +2 Strength but -2 Intelligence and Charisma. Along with their great strength, they also have ultravision, allowing them to see in the dark.

Gnome characters, although puny, have a very strong tie to life. This gives them a +2 Constitution bonus but their strength suffers -2. Their affinity to illusions and tinkering makes them great sorcerers.

Locked Races

Half Troll

Crystal Dwarf


Arcane Golem