Guide for New Players

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A Guide to LuminariMUD for New Players

Welcome to LuminariMUD! You're about to start a journey on one of the most unique MUDs out there.

Because Luminari is under constant development, we have a lot of people, places, things and features that may not be evident right from the start. That's the purpose behind this guide. To get your character made, help you get your first few levels, and show you where to look to take advantage of some of the game's less apparent, but very beneficial features. Let's dive in!

Table of Contents:

  1. Making your first character
  2. Mosswood Village: Your first few levels
  3. Gearing up at Low Levels
  4. The Mission System
  5. The Bazaar
  6. Hirelings
  7. Tackling Boss Mobs
  8. Buying and Using Consumables