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The following is a list of rules. This list is not complete, and can change at any time. The best rule is to use common sense while playing, and not to anger the staff with your behavior.

1. Don't be a mean person. Also known as the Golden Rule, this rule trumps all others, whether written or not.

2. Spamming of players through tells or emotes or any other means is not allowed. By this we mean sending 1000 tells of "I HATE YOU" or some other text just to bother another player. Breaking this rule will usually result in a warning, though repeated infractions could result in more serious punishment.

3. Dropping link or using any other method to avoid lag time imposed by the game is illegal. This includes dropping link to get out of whirlwind lag. Breaking this rule is grounds for punishment.

4. Playing more than two characters at a time is not allowed unless with special permission from the Forgers. Playing more than two characters at a time will usually result in the disconnection of extra players, though repeated infractions could result in more serious punishment. Make sure that you read HELP MULTIPLAYING for further details on this matter.

NOTE Currently in early Beta, multiplaying is allowed

5. Profanity is not allowed on public channels. Profanity includes, but is not limited to, explicit sexual metaphor, racial or sexual stereotyping, religious references, or just outright filth. In addition, you may not repeat (eg, copy/paste) the profanity of another player. Remember, there is another human being on the other end of your computer screen. Common sense serves as a good guide here.

6. "Mob ownership". A mob is owned by the group or player who initiates combat against it. That ownership is lost when the group or player leaves the room before the mob's death. Corpse, and corpse contents follow the same rule, except that instead of leaving the room, the group or player must leave the zone. The purpose of this rule is to restrict the looting of other people's kills. It is enforced at the discretion of the Staff.

7. Equipment belongs to whoever is holding it. So long as you did not violate rule 6 to acquire said equipment.

8. Immortals are never allowed to hand out equipment/potions/scrolls or anything else to players it may be done on certain occasions by FORGERS for testing purposes or as authorized by a FORGER.

9. "Reimbursement". This will be done on a case by case basis, while in alpha/beta testing we cannot gaurantee items will be there when you come back, new changes may need to cause player wipes at times and possibly equipment wipes, nothing will be reimbursed due to these conditions.

NOTE Currently in early Beta, we are very generous in handing out reimbursements, just request from the staff

10. "Immortal Items". Builders are allowed to create 2 and only 2 items IN their zones to use as Immortal toys or items. These items should never be in the hands of a mortal, and if found there will be grounds for punishment of all involved parties.

11. Common sense MUD community etiquette applies: Please do not advertise another MUD here. Please do not poach our players/coders/builders.

12. Player-Killing (PKILL) is currently enabled for testing purposes. Our policy is quite simple: do not PKILL without prior consent. Violation of this policy can result in demotion, death, deletion... whatever is appropriate to the situation.

Not following any of the above rules may result in punishment that restricts or prohibits your ability to play and enjoy the game. So, it is in your best interest that you follow the rules. Thank you.