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What is our Vision for Luminari Mud.

Luminari is a Mud set in an Original world, inspired by the works of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. Our goal is to build on our experiences of the wonderful muds we have played throughout our times mudding, emulating the best that they had to offer, and empowering new experiences through an excellently coded, up to date codebase. This vision can best be described in the “3 Cs” that make up the mud.


The Mud’s underlying mechanics are heavily influenced by DnD3.5 and PF including a deep and complex system of Races, Classes, Feats and Skills. This system will be easy to use and understand for a new player, while retaining the complexity to support advanced builds and combinations. Code will be as clean as we can make it, well commented and regularly tested / debugged to ensure the platform is stable and operating well.


We will build and support a warm, friendly community of players and staff, appealing to a wide variety of play styles, identifying content and systems that will appeal to specific requirements, without ostracising or marginalising others. Factions and Clans will allow collaborative play, both to help new players learn the game, and to coordinate to take on the toughest content.

We will drive healthy player competition through systems that require tactical and strategic planning, while maintaining the all important fun and excitement. Risk taking and experimentation will be rewarded. Player competition will remain setting appropriate, being grounded in the lore and backed up by appropriate Roleplay. We will constantly balance the competitive side of the game through incremental changes, to ensure the experience is fair, balanced, and always exciting.


We will create and maintain an environment that promotes Quest and Story driven progression, with a living, breathing world where players can create their own storylines, and impact each other and the world around them through their actions. By including Epic Levels, Prestige classes and Races we will ensure that there is always something new for players to try out and challenge themselves. The dynamic wilderness will create a living breathing world, outside of the standard zones. Zones will be high quality content, with an emphasis on Quality over Quantity. Every part of our world will be irrevocably Luminari, with a coherent theme and feeling that runs through every zone. Every piece of content in Luminari will serve a purpose, and do so in an interesting and engaging way, avoiding unnecessary filler or white space. Our attention to detail will ensure that every piece of content is built in such a way that players will want to read it, and will be rewarded in doing so.