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Crafting! This is all from experimenting in game. Please take this as my experience and not absolute mechanics or confirmed ‘how to craft’ or ‘how craft system will be eventually’. This is how it is now and may be subject to change.

The Basics

The ‘craft’ command I believe will be phased out or will be used for EPIC CRAFTING. What you want to focus on is ‘prac’ command. Type 'prac' will show skill levels in the following:

  • mining
  • foresting
  • chemistry
  • weapon smithing
  • leather working
  • hunting
  • knitting
  • armor smithing
  • jewelry making
  • fast crafter

The following exist in game but do not show yet in ‘prac’. There may be more as well. Some have help files, some do not.

  • Elven Crafting: all eq made is 50 percent weight and uses 50 percent less mat
  • Dwarven Crafting: all weapons and armor made have higher bonuses
  • Draconic Crafting: all magical items created gain higher bonuses w/o increasing level
  • Bone Crafting: ???
  • Masterwork Crafting: ???

I believe everyone has access to these skills regardless of race or class. Don’t know if any race or class has any inherent bonus though.

So how does one get started? When you first started the game, you should have a crafting kit in your inventory (or backpack). This crafting kit gives you access to creating items for your use.

You can do four things with the kit: 1) Supplyorders 2) disenchant magic items 3) augment magic essences 4) create items (plain, magic, bonuses, or magic/bonuses combo)

(I do not think Converting materials works yet.)

Crafting Crystals

Some crystals that you find as treasure, quest, or random drop are CRAFTING crystals. Lore/identify them. It will indicate if they are ‘can be used in crafting.’ The crystals may have no benefits, nice benefits, or WAY nice benefits. Some crystals have +4stat, some have feats attached to them, some have both, some hav .

Keep these crystals or auction/barter them to someone who might need. Or hire a crafter and ask them to make you something with that crystal if they can. More on crystals in CREATE.

Resources and Harvesting

In game: help material <— a good idea of what is available.

Resource nodes are spread throughout the land. I do not believe I have seen any in Wilderness (big outside map). Otherwise, anywhere where natural resources might occur. Not cities, but perhaps travel roads, junkyards, forests, farms, plains, caves, swamps, rustic villages, etc.

ore cloth game wood

command usage: harvest <resource>

From ore, you will mine metals and gemstone. From cloth, you will knit cloth (and sometimes fossilized eggs, more on eggs in CREATING) From game, you will hunt leather. (and sometimes fossilized eggs) From wood, you will forest logs.

The ability to harvest a resource depends on your relevant skill level for that resource. For example: starting out, you will only be able to harvest simple cloth… eventually you will be able to harvest quality cloth if your KNITTING skill raises high enough. Same with the other resources. Just try harvesting everything. It will let you know what level you need.

So wait, I have to harvest tons and tons of these things? What do I do with all the resources? Options:

  1. Sazzy in Sanctus will take iron bars and give you a voucher for nails. This is to start your house. (help house)
  2. Sazzy will also take logs and give you a receipt for wood. This is for your house.
  3. Use the resources for a SUPPLYORDER.
  4. Use the resources to CREATE an item.
  5. Sell/barter the resources to someone who might want them. (know someone planning for a house?)

Nail vouchers and wood receipts are zero weight. So is the planning folder, permits, and deed that Sazzy sells. a typical log weighs 6 vs. a receipt weighing 0.

Another thing about materials: Some seem obvious. Gold is better than silver better than copper. But what is ‘cold iron’ for? Or ‘alchemical silver’? Those I had to look up on some Pathfinder info websites. So if you got questions, just ask in game or do outside research on them. (I made an alchemical silver shuriken just in case werewolves start raiding.)

Supply Order

In-game: help supplyorder

Help file in game is pretty clear and accurate. What it does not indicate: you can raise your craft skills with supplyorder including the ‘hidden’ epic crafts.

Wait, how much material does it take? Try it and find out. Get a supplyorder. Type score to see what material you need. Put one of that material in the kit. Type autocraft. It will tell you if it needs more.

Also, hate the supplyorder assignment you got? supplyorder quit, then supplyorder new.

Disenchanting Items

Why do I want to disenchant things? You get a ‘magical essence’ from a successful disenchant. This essence can be added in the CREATE process to produce a magic item. Example, a regular steel sword vs. magic steel sword. An essence will give it the magic flag. Even a full on warrior can make a magic sword. No magic class required. More on CREATE later.

Starting to disenchant, you need an item that is flagged ‘magic’ (weapon, arrow, bolt, armor, scroll, staff, wand, potion, etc.). If you lore/identify an item it will say if it has the ‘magic’ flag. The item must be a high enough ‘Min level’ for there to be any magic essence at all. If you are a Wizard and collect tons of magic heavy armor (most that are probably useless to you), try disenchanting it. If you are a Warrior tank and find yourself with tons of magic cloth shirts, try disenchanting.

put <magicitem> kit disenchant

the kit will let you know if the item is too weak in magic. OR, it will automatically start disenchanting, no going back now the magicitem is gone in the process.

At the completion of disenchanting, you will either have a magic essence in your inventory OR you will not. The magicitem in the kit is consumed either way.

How does one get a magic essence? Your CHEMISTRY skill is key. A magic essence will only appear if your CHEMISTRY is x3 or more the level of the item you are disenchanting. Example: CHEMISTRY 31 should be able to disenchant a Min level 10 magic sword.

Oh great you say, I got Chemistry 5. I can only disenchant level 2 things. But remember: the item must be high enough level to EVEN start the disenchant process. Not sure what that level is (sorry didn’t keep track of my whens and wheres)!

So you must raise CHEMISTRY. How to raise chemistry: 1) keep disenchanting and failing failing failing. You may get a notice that your chemistry rises a point. 2) SUPPLYORDER (get in Sanctus; teleport sanctus, 2d, 1s) will sometimes gain skill levels in random craft skills, including CHEMISTRY. Do supplyorder, repeat.


In game: help augment

Augmenting is combining two ‘magical essences’ to create a more powerful single essence.

From in game experience, I’ve found you can:

(a level 1 magical essence) + (a level 1 magical essence) = (a level 2 magical essence).

So you sacrifice the

quantity of your essences to acquire

quality . Success rate depends and I believe that CHEMISTRY skill is the key. The higher the better.

Why would I want a more powerful essence? For the next step: CREATE.


So, you got your crafting kit. You got some leather strips. You bought a mold for a boot. You even have a level 1 magical essence. You got a crafting crystal of +1 DEX. You want to make some magic +1DEX leather boots (enhancement 1).

  1. put mold kit
  2. put leather kit
  3. put essence kit
  4. put crystal kit
  5. checkcraft

CHECKCRAFT command is used at any step along the way to check if your ingredients will be successful. It even will tell you if your relevant craft skill is too low! It will NOT eat up the items in the kit.

If your leatherworking skill is high enough, you’ll probably just get a message that you need to put in more leather. Put one more in and CHECKCRAFT again. Repeat if necessary.

If your leatherworking skill is too low, then there are a couple things you can try. 1) take out the crystal or the essence or both. (Crafting crystals and magic essence add to the crafting skill level needed to create and item.) 2) make plain leather boots.

If, CHECKCRAFT is successful, you will see a full item identity (just like with lore/identify) of what the final product will be.

Next step is to CREATE item.

Here’s where the fun part comes in.

You type CREATE <name of item>. It must include the name of the material you put in the kit. But that’s pretty much it.

I have created ‘a wreath of silk flowers’. You guessed it. From a hat mold, with rolls of silk material. So, your leather boots? Can be ‘thigh high leather boots with a chunky heel.’ Or ‘short muddy leather boots.’ Or ‘pointed toed green leather clogs.’ Or ‘a pair of simple leather sandals.’ They don’t need to even be boots from a boot mold just the name of the materials! FOSSIL EGGS —> make stone material items.

The mold only indicates the equipment body location.

Weapons and armors are a bit different. Haven’t fully experimented with those yet, but try and mess around with combinations of materials and molds. CHECKCRAFT will let you know if it is not possible. For example, I wanted to make ‘an iron shortspear’ but shortspear mold only takes wood. So I took out my iron bars, put in some wood planks, and made ’a pine wood shortspear.’ Here’s where some of you weapon specific players might really start drooling. If you specialize in a weapon, can’t seem to find a good one of that type from treasures or mobs. Then CREATE your own or have a crafter do it. You could even personalize it and call it “Joe’s Giant Mithril Battleaxe of Extermination.”

Some extras about CREATE: help colors – you can add ANSI color codes to your created items. (example: create a @ybronze@n necklace) craft crystals – some crystals with stat bonuses are sold at Jufus in Sanctus (in the crafting halls 2down from teleport sanctus).

Final words

You gain small amounts of EXPERIENCE from crafting. Don’t wait until you are level 30 when your experience has peaked. I’ve collected well over several hundred thousand exp from just harvesting/supplyorder/create. Makes those mid level grinds much shorter.

That’s pretty much it. Will try to keep this updated with any new discoveries! (will post any update/edit info at top of post.)