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The Ruined Citadel

In stories and legends, the Archmage Gnarth was renowned for his skill in Artifice and Evocation – He was among those who developed the magical arms and armor that outfitted the Armies of Hope during the Darkling Wars.  Tragically, he […]


Main Quest Line Extended: The Mosaic

Hello everyone!  After a long wait and a great deal of work by our staff, the next stage in the Main Quest Line has been released: The Mosaic Cave has been an interest to all those who are fighting the […]


Luminari MUD Development Updates 02/09/2018

Greetings!  It has been a very busy time here at Luminari and the entire staff has been very hard at work.  Here are some highlights of things we have been working on in the last couple weeks! Player-Owned Shops You […]


LuminariMUD Development Updates 1/29/2018

Hello friends!  Zusuk here just updating our blog with the complete list of updates since our last comprehensive update post!  A more ‘view friendly’ version coming shortly to sum up our wonderful month as “Mud of the Month” at Reddit. […]


Introducing Sorcerer Bloodlines

“We are not like the others, you and I.  They use their books and songs to build their power, but this is false, unnatural!  We are the true wielders of magic, those born into it!” – Roharis the bold, speaking to […]


Introducing the Luminari GUI Client Script for Mudlet!

We are excited to announce the release of an alpha version of our Mudlet GUI. First if you do not have Mudlet yet, download it here: Download Once you have downloaded Mudlet and installed it: You will need to create […]